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Zebra Quartz & Guitar String Necklace - Silver Wire

$ 49.99

Please note: each pendant is made from natural stone agate and will not identically match the image depicted as each piece will be unique. The shape and size will be in close proximity.

Designed and hand-made in the US by Sunnyside Jewels.

***Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship your order as each item is made by hand at the time your order is placed***


  • Zebra Quartz
    • This unusual layered quartz was metamorphosed from heat and pressure, causing the swirls in the stone. The black layers were caused by iron staining within the layers of quartz. Kimberly Western, Australia.
    • Legend: believed to help a person focus their thoughts in different directions and helps in meditation. 
  • D'Addario XL silver guitar string
  • Silver plated german-style wire
  • Silver 18" + 1" extender chain included
  • Packaged in an organza pouch