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Highway to Blues 3 Piece Sew On Patch

$ 22.49 $ 29.99

It's said that life is a highway and this particular highway leads us right to the blues!  It's the longest road we know, so why not experience it's rough and rugged path with the perfect attire to confront it? Find your cross roads with the "Highway to Blues" design collection inspired by the music of Joe Bonamassa. The Joe Bonamassa Highway to Blues Collectible Back Patch comes in three sections and is available sewn onto garments including t-shirts, hoodies and more!


  • Top Rocker: 12" (W) x 4.18" (H)
  • Bottom Rocker: 8.85" (W) x 4.17" (H)
  • Center: 11.36" (W) x 8.78" (H)
  • Sew on patch