Joe Bonamassa "Bonnie" '55 Strat Pickguard Assembly by Seymour Duncan

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Introducing the limited-run Joe Bonamassa Signature Bonnie Strat Loaded Pickguard. The most accurate and complete way to achieve the tone of Joe’s “best Strat.”

When Joe Bonamassa says his 1955 hardtail Fender Stratocaster, lovingly nicknamed Bonnie, is the “best” sounding Strat, we listen. And when he says that he wants us to re-create its electronics, we get to work.

Powering this loaded pickguard is a trio of vintage-accurate, single-coil Strat pickups. We build each complete with era-correct, cloth, pushback lead wires; black Forbon flatwork; Alnico IV rod magnets; and a 5.96K rating. We even source and age the same plastics for the pickup covers for a look and feel just like Joe’s.

You’ll also find several unique touches that continue our “accurate recreation” ethos of Joe’s favorite Strat. From the custom made .1uF/150V capacitor and Joe’s preferred 5-way selector switch to Bonnie’s modern switch tip and mini skirt control knobs, it’s all just as he likes it. And the pickguard is rounded out with a trio of Seymour Duncan Smooth Turning 250K potentiometers.

The Joe Bonamassa Signature Bonnie Strat Loaded Pickguard is the easiest and most complete way to nail the “best” of Joe’s signature tones. But only 100 are being made, and demand is high. So act fast and don’t miss out on this legendary tone.


Technical Specifications:

  • Loaded pickguard Standard (Drop-in replacement):
  • Special features
    • Normal switch tip
    • Period correct short Skirt Vol/Tone Knobs
    • Non-aged period correct (1955) rounded pickup covers. (custom mold)
    • Original style "skirt knobs" made of the same material and they have an authentic "Chicklet" paper and oil capacitor
    • 5-way switch
    • RWRP Middle PU
    • Vintage 8-hole white pickguard
    • Vintage wiring (no tone on position 1)
    • 5 way switch
    • Custom "Phone Book" style .1uF/150V capacitor
    • Output Jack with 42-gauge push back cloth wire
  • Only 100 total pickguards made

Special Note about Pickguard:

The cover will be molded in the same unique shape and use the same material as the original ’54 and ’55 Strat pickups. The material is popularly referred to as “Bakelite” but is not and never was Bakelite, which is not a thermoplastic, but a thermoset and cannot be injection molded. The name “Bakelite”, was often applied to plastics in the same way that “Xerox” is often applied to copiers, hence to idea that ‘54/’55 Strat covers were made from Bakelite. The actual original material was, at the time, referred to as “Cycolac”, which is a trade name for a common plastic, the generic name of which is ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The one difference that should be noted is that the pickup sets will have aged covers while the pickguards will not.