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Live From Nowhere In Particular - Digital Album (Released: 2008)

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A 320Kbps MP3 file. Digital Downloads are only downloadable on PCs and laptops (including Macs). Once downloaded, they are transferable to any mobile device or iPad. (Released: 2008)


Disc One
1. Bridge to Better Days
2. Walk in My Shadows
3. So Many Roads
4. Mountain Time
5. Another Kinda Love
6. Sloe Gin

7. One of These Days

Disc Two
1. Ball Peen Hammer
2. If Heartaches were Nickels
3. Woke Up Dreaming
4. Django/ Just Got Paid
5. High Water Everywhere
6. Asking Around for You
7. A New Day Yesterday/ Starship Trooper/ Wurm