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2018 KTBA at Sea IV Collector's Edition Bona-Bobble

$ 39.99

Everything is better with bikinis, booze, and blues! Joe Bonamassa’s 4th annual Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise was a huge success, jam packed with great live music, cool vibes, and fun in the Jamaican sun. Commemorate the unforgettable experience with the official Island Joe II collectible bobblehead figurine. This festive bobble features Joe in bright Jamaican colors, playing his iconic Flying V “Amos.” 


  • Hand Painted
  • Height: Approximately 8"
  • Width: Approximately 5.25"
  • Guitar Model: 1958 Gibson Flying V "Amos"
  • Amp Model: 1959 Tweed High Powered Twin Amp
  • Package in a Fully Customer Designed Box