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The Crossroads Challenge Coin - Limited Edition (100 pieces)

$ 32.49 $ 49.99

The small unassuming town of Clarksdale, Mississippi would most likely be an unknown U.S. city if it weren’t for a hundred-year-old folk tale that has defined the area and remains as the most popular story involving the blues. I am of course talking about the great grandfather of the blues, Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil in exchange for ripping guitar chops.

The new JB challenge coin pays homage to America’s music with the iconic Crossroads sign positioned between state routes 61 and 49, the most legendary intersection in music. The flip side of the coin features Joe’s signature JB pic logo, complete with eight guitar headstocks and the American flag. Show your elite status in our blues club with the one of a kind blues coin, available in gold.


  • Size: 1.75" diameter
  • Die struck in sold brass from 3D steel dies and finished in multiple colors and pure gold plated
  • Base metal: brass
  • Plating thickness: approximately 12mil+
  • Each coin is sequentially numbered - only 100 pieces available
  • Packaged in a clear vinyl pouch