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The Musical Instrument Collector Book by Willcutt & Ball - Hand-Signed by Joe Bonamassa

$ 49.99



  • Reprint of original 1977 book with new content
  • Contains new Foreword by Joe Bonamassa
  • Hand-Signed by Joe Bonamassa


We all are a conduit for discovery and appreciation of these fantastic inventions. My journey started ironically with the first printing of this book. I vividly remember my father buying a bunch of guitar books and having them around the house. He was a dealer, collector and player himself with a great appreciation for early Gibson and Fender solidbodies. Little did I know that by reading and studying these very pages would lead me on a 30-year quest to collect vintage amps and guitars. It is my passion. The repository for most of my acquisitions we affectionately call the “Bonaseum”. Now cresting over 800 pieces, it has been rewarding and fun pursuit which I wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace.

-Joe Bonamassa


“Not long on words, but I am long on collecting. It’s nice having all my favorite guitars hidden around the world for my use now and into the future. Not that I’m hoarding. Much.”

- Rick Nielsen


" ... is an informative, yet entertaining collection of interviews with notable collectors and repairmen, among them, George Gruhn, the Mandolin Brothers, and Mugwumps Magazine publisher Mike Holmes. The primary focus is on the art of collecting guitars and banjos, even though other instruments such as violins and basses are mentioned. The 121 page compilation is a good cross-section of what collecting is all about and is chock-full of interesting anecdotes and opinions ."

-Guitar Player Magazine